We are a professional house/office moving service

We specialise in unpacking,
packing and installing during

house/office relocation

Think moving? Contact BEJO MOVERS!

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  • We are a professional house/office moving service.
  • We specialize in unpacking, packing and installing during house/office relocation.
  • Your former house is unpacked as your new home is set up and installed to the last utensil to your taste and instructions with the help of camera surveillance.
  • Your appliances are safely uninstalled and installed.
  • You basically move from your former house/office directly to the new one without having to do any work.
  • You are a click away from all your relocation worries and challenges.
  • Think movers, packers, unpackers and installers, think BEJO MOVERS!

CORE VALUES: Transparency, honesty, leadership and professionalism

MISSION: Ease and peace in moving houses/offices. image
   Our value proposition:
  • Affordable house moving service.
  • An expert in relocation.
  • We take over ALL your moving worries.
  • High-tech all-rounder team.
  • Equipped to the best.
  • 360° surveillance.
  • Your possessions are handled with utmost care.
  • Click-away solution to your moving problems.
  • Insured properties.
  • Passionately client-centric expert service
  • Full Service Packing
  • Fragile Only Packing
  • Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
  • Douala Buea Limbe

VISION: To revolutionise the service industry in Cameroon and Africa through professional, affordable, client-centric, and technology-driven solutions.